07/27/2017 – Zebulon in Los Angeles, CA – 9pm with Nakata, Olga, Race to the Bottom -
Facebook event

07/21/2017 – Quatzen Qulture Qlub in Echo Park, CA –9pm with Sarin Smoke and Christina Carter -
Facebook event

04/27/2017 – PANEL L.A. in Los Angeles, CA –7pmin collaboration with Brian Crook (The Renderers). And new feature film by Sam Hamilton


07/17/2016 – The Box in Los Angeles, CA – BOX stock 2-day Festival

07/3/2016 – Non Plus Ultra, 9pm with GATE (Michael Morley will be joined by Gabie Strong and Christopher Reid Martin), Telecaves, Peter Kolovos and DJ Prickle, $7 Facebook Event

04/16/2016 – Michael Todd's studio, 2817 Clearwater Street 90039, 8:30pm with Noel Meek (NZ) and Peter Kolovos / Patrick Shiroishi Duo and Solos - Facebook Event

04/10/2016 – Basic Flowers, secret DTLA  location, 8pm with The Renderers

04/07/2016 - Monument #2 @ MOCA, Grand Ave in Los Angeles, 7pm - Facebook event


04/10/15 - Coaxial in Los Angeles, CA w/ Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase, Shelter Death, and Gregg Kowalsky


October 17 – December 14 - Metal Rouge, 'Three for Malachi Ritscher' CD on view at Experimental Sound Studio, Audible Gallery, Chicago, IL

March 7 – May 25 - Metal Rouge, 'Three for Malachi Ritscher' CD on view at Whitney Biennial 2014


Metal Rouge Tour Dates: 10/03/13 - 10/28/13

10/03/13 - Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NYC w/ Modra, EN, and Ancient Ocean

10/05/13 - Volcanic Tongue in Glasgow, UK w/ Chalaque

10/06/13 - Cafe Oto in Dalston, London, UK w/ Chalaque

10/07/13 - Kraak in Stevenson Square, Manchester, UK w/ Chalaque, Aulos First Reed & Piss Superstition

10/09/13 - Trades Club in Hebden Bridge, UK w/ Chalaque and Acid Mothers Temple

10/10/13 - Ecuyes in Caen, France w/ Chalaque & Jon Collin

10/11/13 - Odyssée in Rennes, France w/ Chalaque & Jon Collin

10/12/13 - La Cantine de Belleville in Paris, France w/ Chalaque & Jon Collin

10/13/13 - Velvet Club in Torino, Italy w/ Chalaque & Jon Collin

10/15/13 - Spazio Targa, Genova, Italy w/ Chalaque & Jon Collin

10/16/13 - Hybrida in Udine, Italy w/ Chalaque & Jon Collin

10/17/13 - Case Del Vento in Ravenna, Italy w/ Chalaque & Jon Collin

10/18/13 - mo.e Thelemanngasse 4/1, 1170 Vienna, Austria w/ Chalaque & Jon Collin

10/20/13 - Walpodenakademie in Mainz, Germany w/ Chalaque & Jon Collin

10/21/13 -  Antwerp, Belgium, w/ Chalaque & Jon Collin

10/22/13 - The Student, Palaizenstraat 76, 1030 Schaarbeek in Brussels, Belgium w/ Chalaque & Jon Collin

10/23/13 - Roodkapje in Rotterdam, Netherlands w/ Chalaque & Jon Collin

10/24/13 - Servants Jazz Quarters in Dalston, London, UK w/ Chalaque & Jon Collin

10/25/13 - The New Bradford Playhouse, Bradford, UK w/ Chalaque & Jon Collin

10/28/13 - Helderberg House in Albany, NY w / Burnt Hills and CASE


12/02/12 - American Legion Hall in Highland Park, CA w/ Warm Climate, Queen Victoria with the Bailouts, Obscura, and SheKhan

10/11/12 - Human Resources in Chinatown, Los Angeles w/ Tom Surgal (White Out / Thurston Moore Trio / Blue Humans) with Richard Edson (ex-Sonic Youth / Konk), Depot (member of Supreme Dicks), Peter Kolovos, and Gul Bara

08/05/12 - 08/14/12 - yek koo / John Krausbauer - West Coast Tour - Check here for details

06/04/12 - Human Resources in Chinatown, Los Angeles w/ Suishou No Fune (Japan Psyche Folk), M. Geddes Gengras, John Krausbauer and Ezra Buchla, and S&ndc&stl&

05/02/12 - 05/13/12 - yek koo / LA Lakers(NZ) East Coast Tour - Check here for details

04/20/12 - Trapdoor Fucking Exit at Human Resources Gallery - yek koo, Queen Victoria, Glands of External Secretion, Brian Crook, Tom Carter, and a performance in absentia by Adam Willetts

04/21/12 - Trapdoor Fdoucking Exit at Human Resources Gallery - Un Ciego, Gabie Strong, Peter Kolovos, Purple Pilgrims (NZ), 500 Mg, Charalambides

04/22/12 - Trapdoor Fucking Exit at Human Resources Gallery - Bailouts, Derek Rogers, Metal Rouge, LA Lakers (NZ), Maryrose Crook (NZ), and a non-appearance performance by Bill Orcutt


11/19/11 - Open Melody 2011 in Irvine,w/ Sir Richard Bishop, Frank Fairfield, Lucky Dragons, Tender Forever, DOS, K.I.T, David Scott Stone, Let's Paint TV!, and Black Elephant

10/15/11 - (the) Handbag Factory in Los Angeles w/ HERMIT THRUSHES, WARM CLIMATE, and SNEAKY SNAKE

09/19/11 - Human Resources in Los Angeles, CA - Nest (Andrew Scott + Nigel Wright), yek koo, Ezra Buchla

09/15/11 - Boy Manor at 970 Everett  #1 Los Angeles, CA (Echo Park) w/ Nigel Wright (NZ) and Queen Victoria

07/16/11 - Public Fiction in Los Angeles, CA  w/ Bill Orcutt (SF) and Peter Kolovos

07/09/11 - Boy Manor at 970 Everett  #1 Los Angeles, CA  - Simon Comber, Queen Victoria, Un Ciego, and yek koo

06/25/11 - The Farley Building at 1669 Colorado Boulevard Eagle Rock, Los Angeles  w/ Amy Howden-Chapman & Meldie Mousset

06/19/11 - Public Fiction in Los Angeles, CA  w/ Brute Heart (Minneapolis) and Warm Climate

06/10/11 - F - House in Los Angeles, CA  w/ Sudden Oak, Swanox, and KWJAZ

04/30/11 - Takeoff in Van Nuys, CA

 w/ Pedestrian Deposit, Chen Santa Maria, and This Invitation

03/11/11Public Fiction in Los Angeles, CA  w/ Topping Bottoms (JP) and Deep Magic

02/05/11Art Beat in Melbourne, AU w/ Cuckoo & Harico (JP), Free Choice Duo, Terrorarstralis, and Tim Coster

02/01/11Make It Up Club, Bar Open in Melbourne, AU w/ Nat Bates, Night Toilet (Brooklyn), and Nik Kennedy

01/25/11 – Happy in Wellington, NZ w/ 1/3rd Octave band, Nigel Wright, and Ming (Campbell Kneale + Ellen Rodda)

01/23/11 – HSP in Christchurch, NZ w/ Yek koo, LA Lakers, and Purple Pilgrims

01/22/11 – HSP in Christchurch, NZ w/ Adam Willetts, The Renderers, and Anthony Milton

01/21/11 – Chicks Hotel in Dunedin, NZ w/ Eye and The Strange Girls

01/15/11 – Wine Cellar in Auckland, NZ w/ Pumice and Nigel Wright


12/16/10 – The High Seas in Auckland, NZ w/ NEST (Andrew Scott and Nigel Wright), Yek koo (Helga Fassonaki), 1000, Pumice, and Recuerde

11/18/10 – TBA w/Fabulous Diamonds (AU) and Pigeons (NYC)

09/30/10Cal Arts (C-Dock Studio Space) w/ W-H-I-T-E, Blissed Out and Kittens Inspired By Kittens

09/16/10Echo Curio w/ Pillars & Tongues, Up Died Sound, Team Brick and Cairo Gang

09/04/10 – Root Strata presents On Land Festival @ Café Dunord, San Francisco w/ The Alps, Zelienople and more

08/29/10 – Rhinoceropolis in Denver, CO w/ Sam Hamilton and Epileptinomicon

08/27/10 - Pizza Power in Lawrence, KS w/ Sam Hamilton and Jane Austen

08/26/10 - Rachaels cafe in Bloomington, IN w/ Sam Hamilton, Rob Funkhouser and Jane Austen

08/25/10 – Skylab in Columbus, OH w/ Sam Hamilton and Jane Austen

08/24/10 – Terrapin Station in Pittsburgh, PA w/ Sam Hamilton, Rob Funkhouser and Jane  Austen

08/23/10 -  Highwire Gallery in Philadelphia, PA w/ Sam Hamilton and Modra

08/22/10 – Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY w/ Sam Hamilton, Jane Austen, Greg Fox and Diablo

08/21/10 – White Slab Palace in Lower East Side Manhattan, NY w/ Sam Hamilton and TBA

08/19/10 – Tuxedo in Providence, RI w/ Sam Hamilton, Jane Austen, Keith Fullerton Whitman and Geoff Mullen

08/18/10 – The Starlab in Boston, MA w/ Sam Hamilton and Jane Austen

08/17/10 -  Flywheel in Northampton, MA w/ Sam Hamilton, Jane Austen and Bill Nace

08/16/10 -  Helderberg House in Albany, NY w/ Burnt Hills and Sam Hamilton

08/15/10 -  Spotty Dog in Hudson, NY w/ Sam Hamilton and TBA

08/13/10 -  The Robinwood Concert House in Toledo, OH w/ Sam Hamilton and Jane Austen

08/12/10  - Empty Bottle in Chicago, IL w/ Sam Hamilton, Zelienople and Xela

08/10/10  - Good Style Shop in Madison, WI w/ Peaking Lights, Sam Hamilton and Currer Bells

08/09/10 - Secret Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota w/ Peaking Lights, Sam Hamilton and Currer Bells

08/08/10 – The Mill in Iowa City, Iowa w/ Peaking Lights, Sam Hamilton and Currer Bells

08/07/10  - House show in Kansas City, Kansas w/ Peaking Lights, Sam Hamilton and Currer Bells

08/06/10 - Further Shoppe in Boulder, CO w/ Peaking Lights, Sam Hamilton and Currer Bells

08/05/10 - Wunderkind/Coalmine Space in Albuquerque, NM w/ Peaking Lights, Sam Hamilton and Currer Bells

08/04/10 - Yobs in Tempe, AZ w/ Peaking Lights, Sam Hamilton and Currer Bells         

08/03/10 - Tin Can House in San Diego, CA w/ Sam Hamilton (NZ), Peaking Lights and Jean Wilder

08/02/10 - Ecstatic Knot @ Echo Curio w/ Sun Araw, Peaking Lights, Ged Gengras and Robedoor

08/01/10 - Ecstatic Knot @ Echo Curio - Huzun, Face Plant, LA Vampires, yek koo and MHFS

06/17/10 - Synchronicity Gallery w/ Sun Araw, Matt Carlson (Golden Retriever) and Brother Raven 

 05/30/10 - Synchronicity Gallery, Bottled Smoke Festival w/ Barn Owl, Tom Carter and more

04/30/10 - Synchronicity Gallery, yek koo (Helga solo) w/ LA Vampires, Psychic Reality, Inca Ore and Diva Dompe

04/27/10 - Echo Curio w/ Jooklo Duo (Italy), Cotton Museum and Peter Kolovos

04/24/10 - Vacation Record Store, In Store Record Release Show

03/17/10 - Synchronicity Gallery w/ Bill Orcutt, Peter Kolovos and Nevai/Wolcott

03/12/10 - Synchronicity Gallery w/ Pocahaunted, Psychic Handbook and Moon Duo







After literally years of innumerable delays the two new Metal Rouge LPs Broke In / Broke Out are officially out on November 21st! Thanks to all who pre-ordered! The remaining copies are available from Emerald Cocoon individually or together as a discounted bundle.

"The scenes that are going on in America right now - political, social and economic - these are much more important than any kind of physical involvement with your instrument.  Shutting your mind to these happenings was the final bankruptcy that the academy left us with.  Current life in America now is the material for artists." - Cecil Taylor, 1970


Metal Rouge's 'Broke In' and 'Broke Out' - long-time brewing sister albums are ready for PREORDER!
Available separately or together as a discounted bundle

Broke In
Broke In

Broke Out
Broke Out

Broke In / Broke Out
In July 2013 directly after a month long European tour Metal Rouge stepped foot in a 'legitimate' studio for the first time in their history. Elaborate plans for labyrinthine tape delay & spring reverb modalities were scrapped upon arrival, where jet-lagged and delirious they howled out two albums worth of material that they had spent the last month refining on the road alongside rapid fire spontaneous compositions scattered from borrowed amplifiers in a state of tweaked exhaustion. To the casual listener it was not always apparent which was which. Old pieces were spontaneously deconstructed in performance without prior discussion, and improvisations manifested as song forms. A dark energy pervaded the sessions, many gestures seemed channeled. Our minds were often engulfed in the moment leaving our hands to do what they had to. When it was over we had Broke In/Broke Out. Sister albums. We were as surprised as anybody as to what had happened. After 19 full-length releases and 11 years as a creative unit, Metal Rouge present Broke In/Broke Out. Escape in to/out of. One door shuts, another opens. Mourning brass sprayed with guitar hail. Brut raga possession, dark strings chime the universal moment, unconscious sermons delivered in a warm skull. Not conversation, but glossolalia. Not language, but meaning. Silence to sound to silence again.

Metal Rouge is Helga Fassonaki & Andrew Scott. Cover art by Dan Melchoir. Covers silkscreened by Alan Sherry at Siwa. Cut by Dubplates & Mastering. Both LPs in edition of 100 only.

metal rouge

Joy to the world! Metal Rouge's 'Gamble' CS arrived before the year's end. Out now on DNT Records. Physical and digital copies are available from our bandcamp page

"Metal Rouge's "Gamble" eschews their previous LP Soft Erase's martial drum machines and rock structures, delivering instead rudimentary jazz fire and blaring white-heat guitar continuums soaked in unintentional tape manipulation. Four tracks: a journey from pointillist guitar/trumpet sparring to a completely warped amorphous hell, an epic single minded guitar/vocal flare-out, a piano-driven cloud of massed utopian strings and a staggering primitive drum raga. Nine years into their existence Metal Rouge are still finding new ways to cast aside the false, uphold the unrefined and crawl into the marrow of the music. Hand-numbered edition of 100 on dark blue shells with full color art by Christina Carter."- DNT Records

10/17/14 – 12/14/14
Experimental Sound Studio
Audible Gallery, Chicago, IL

malachi_ESS "Malachi Ritscher was first presented as Public Collectors' contribution to the 2014 Whitney Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art. In addition to numerous never before exhibited materials drawn from the Ritscher Collection at the Creative Audio Archive, Malachi Ritscher included objects borrowed from close friends and others associated with the late documentarian and activist. Objects include Ritscher's DAT recorder, a sign made to quiet people standing near his recording equipment during concerts, recordings, ephemera connected to concerts he documented, and unpublished photos taken by Ritscher. The Chicago iteration of Malachi Ritscher will include a greatly expanded selection of listening materials from the Creative Audio Archive, and will be accompanied by copies of a free essay booklet that was first produced for the Whitney Biennial".
Curated by Marc Fischer.

03/07/14 – 02/25/14
Whitney Biennial 2014

Whitney_biennial Metal Rouge's 'Three For Malachi Ritscher' album appears at the Whitney Biennial as part of Public Collectors' show about Ritscher's life, work and death. We also contributed some words to Marc Fisher's essay that accompanies the exhibition.


"...mines the depths of despair to launch the band like a rocket ship into a scorching squall of guitar feedback and distortion. I mean… good GOD, it's a hurricane in the grooves of this record."

Excerpt from review of Soft Erase LP by STRAUSS in Tiny Mixed Tapes, 11-8-13: Read whole review HERE.


OCT 5 2013


soft_erase Metal Rouge LP, Soft Erase, out now on Emerald Cocoon

Leading up to their European tour Metal Rouge will be starting a digital reissue series on their new Bandcamp page - putting one out of print release up for download every week


thunder woods
"Thunderous riffs of devastating free-rock squall soaked up in extended intuitive solos of endless distortion. These jams drown in hazy echo's of art rock, noise psychedelia and the darkest corners of acidic free jazz. 80 copies". - Sloow Tapes

metal_rouge_europe_2013 Europe and East Coast Tour is currently being booked for Oct 4 - Oct 30 - please check back for dates and info.


Bye Bye LA show - Warm Climate, Metal Rouge, Queen Victoria with the Bailouts, Obscura, and SheKhan - Dec 2 @ American Legion Hall


Tom Surgal with Richard Edson, Depot, Peter Kolovos, Metal Rouge, and Gul Bara - Oct 11 @ Human Resources



04/20/12 - 04/22/12

tdfe 3 day performance series @ Human Resources  April 20 - 22.






nigel wright


bill orcutt show Bill Orcutt, Peter Kolovos, and Metal Rouge @ Public Fiction on July 16. Starts 9pm sharp.


path dependance Amy Howden-Chapman & Meldie Mousset with Metal Rouge @ The Farley Building on June 25. 9PM


June 19 2011 Brute Heart (MN), Warm Climate, and Metal Rouge @ Public Fiction on June 19. Early 8PM show!


June 10 showSudden Oak, Swanx, Metal Rouge, and KWJAZ @ F - HOUSE on June10


suspend Topping Bottoms, Deep Magic, and Metal Rouge @ Public Fiction on March 11


We are back from our dreamland freeland NZ/AU tour and ready for your <3! Thank you everyone who made our travels so special and gave us accomodation and fed us beautiful food! You are all so real real real blood! Also thank you to Stefan Neville, James Kirk, and Shannon O'Brien for drumming for us!

hsp Metal Rouge live @ HSP 1/22/11


Cuckoo & Harico, Metal Rouge, Free Choice Duo, Terrorarstralis, Tim Coster @ Art Beat on Feb 5th


Yek koo, LA Lakers, Purple Pilgrims @ HSP on Jan 23

Metal Rouge New Zealand Tour 2011


Now Booking Shows For New Zealand/Australia Tour
Dec 16 2010 – Feb 7 2011


Metal Rouge
Metal Rouge Radio Session at WFMU, August 2010

Back from tour now – thanks to all that helped made it happen.  Two new releases and some stray comp tracks for you this time around:

Metal Rouge
Metal Rouge/The Strange Girls split 10” lathe cut on Root Don Lonie For Cash.  Super limited, maybe something like 35 copies. The Metal Rouge track is a 11+ minute duo track of horizontal guitar/santur/vocal wanderings. 

Metal Rouge
Tim Coster’s new(ish) Fictitious Sighs imprint has released a live CDR documenting our tour of the US southwest last year.  The label says: “This album documents part of Helga & Andrew's first southwest USA tour, here multiple versions of the same two songs are rendered wildly different via on-fire telekinetic improvisation, and shaped forcefully by local parapsychological conditions.”

A couple of stray but beloved tracks are floating around on some compilations also.  The first is our cover of Neil Young’s ‘Helpless’ for ‘A Fundamental Experiment’ which is an LP to benefit the guitarist of the wonderful Sudden Oak who had a life-threatening accident last year.  You can read all about it and pick up an LP here

And lastly Blackburn Recordings have reissued their download only comp ‘Various Deficiencies Vol. 1’ as limited tape.  Metal Rouge contributes 45 raging seconds entitled ‘Fast Flora Lights’.  You can pick it up direct from the label here, and if you’re talking to them can you tell them to send us a copy too?


Our dates/cities are listed on our myspace.

If you we’re playing in your city and want to say hi or would like to help us out with shows or accommodation, we would be so delighted!
Please email: joy(at)emeraldcocoon(dot)com


metal rouge
After a period of semi-hibernation and technological downgrading Metal Rouge are back with the first full length missive by their new trio formation. On Trails lifers Helga Fassonaki (lapsteel/vocals) and Andrew Scott (guitar) are joined by true-crime aficionado Caitlin Mitchell (drums) for a free floating investigation into Lew Welch’s mist-ridden disappearance into the norcal wilderness on one side and a raging fit of white magic against urban-planning hell on the other. Mumbling low-fidelity chord flares, dual slide attacks and reverb-drenched vocal confusion underwritten by stuttering free cymbal play and outright rockist brutalism combine to make this perversely their most approachable release yet. Come get lost.

Recorded at Green Machines 09, Mastered by Pete Swanson, Photo Art by Lemule Barbour. Edition of 300.